Department of Social Mobilization

Ojeh Helen I. (Mrs.)


Ojeh Helen I. (Mrs.)

Social mobilization has a mandate to work with Local Government Education Authority and UNICEF to engage and motivate a wide range of partners and allies at the national and local levels to raise awareness of the demand for a particular developmental objective through face-to-face dialogue.

Social mobilization has the following key functions:-

It has the following Units:-

  1. Community Engagement and Social Inclusion:

  2. The functions of this unit include;
    • Working with LGEAs to carry out community mobilization, advocacy and sensitization activities.
    • Supporting establishment and functioning of SBMCs.
    • Designing strategies for liaising with SBMCs etc.
    • Designing initiatives to promote access, enrolment, completion of every child.
    • Building community awareness on school health issues, including HIV and Aids.
    • Sensitisation of communities on responsibility in education-access, attendance and completion.
    • Educating communities on their rights, roles/responsibilities in relation to qualitative basic education.
    • Educating communities on child rights law.
    • Designing and implementing, in partnership with the LGEAs, a framework for inclusive education.
    • Identifying and implementing initiatives that will ensure the poor in the society have access to education.
    • Ensuring provision of education for vulnerable children.
    • Ensuring provision of education for children in nomadic communities.
    • Coordinating the activities in identifying children that are out of school and supporting their enrollment in close collaborations with the SBMCs and schools.
    • Identifying, in cooperation with SSOs and teachers, the needs of children that are struggling to participate and learn in school and coordinate the activities to provide the support required.
    • Lobbying and advocating for the rights to education for all children irrespective of their abilities, disabilities, status, economical background etc...
    • Actively participating and initiating meetings among education staff at the LGEA and state level to discuss the barriers to education and defining roles and areas of cooperation.

  3. Private Partnership Participation:

  4. The functions of this unit include;
    • Preparing strategies for donor support to basic education.
    • Sourcing for donor agencies, philanthropists and development partners.
    • Coordinating activities of donor agencies and community based organizations in schools.
    • Managing relationships between SUBEB and donor agencies, philanthropists and development partners.
    • Reporting on activities of donor agencies, philanthropists and development partners.
    • Overseeing implementation of self-help projects.
    • preparing strategy for self-help project.
    • Supporting LGEAs to identify needy communities.
    • Supporting the LGEA and communities to implementself-help projects.

  5. Community communications:

  6. The functions of this unit include;
    • Designing communitycommunication strategy for SUBEB and LGEAs
    • Implementing community communication initiatives through diverse media.
    • Maintaining relationships with the media in consultation with the PR Unit.
    • Supporting the LGEAs to carryout effective communication at the community level.

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