Department of Planning, Research and Statistics

SSG Nwoye


SSG Nwoye

The Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS) Department is one of the Service Departments in ENSUBEB. The Department’s mandate and functions are basically planning and packaging of programmes, activities, data storage and management of information system, as well as examine the remote and immediate challenges that hinders cooperate performance. The Department also carryout Monitoring and Evaluation functions as it relates to integrated project activities.
It has the following Units:-

  1. Planning and budgeting:

  2. The functions of this unit include;
    • Preparing MTSS and annual estimates/budgets through a participatory process involving all departments.
    • Integrate LGEA action plan into SUBEB budget.
    • Preparing periodic reports on budget implementation in conjunction with other Departments.
    • Managing the budget implementation process including processing and preparation of Sector Plans.
    • Undertaking periodic budget and project monitoring exercise for the preparation of Budget Implementation reports.
    • Leading the development of SUBEB (including LGEAs) Strategic plans, budgets and performance targets.
    • Coordinating development of the SUBEB budget including those of the LGEAs.
    • Developing SUBEBs Annual Work Plan.
    • Supporting the LGEAs to develop their annual work plans.
    • Compiling the Annual Report of SUBEB including those of the LGEAs.
    • Proposing frameworks for Departmental Work Plans and implementation plans by departments and sections.
    • Ensuring that individual work plans are developed, implementated and regularly monitored.

  3. Research and Statistics:

  4. The functions of this unit include;
    • Ensuring the availability and functioning of the Education Management Information System (EMIS).
    • Supporting the Ministry in the design of Annual School Census and other survey questionnaires for Primary and JSS levels.
    • Preparing and publishing the appropriate Statistical Digest or Report on all surveys and the ASC for schools at Primary or JSS level.
    • Maintaining key data on all Primary and Secondary schools and keeping up to date a comprehensive, accurate list of schools.
    • Carrying out action research and coordination research in Basic Education.
    • Coordinating Assessment process (MLA etc).

  5. Monitoring and Evaluation:

  6. The functions of this unit include;
    • Designing monitoring framework of key strategies and plans (ESP, MTSS, etc).
    • Anchoring the overall co-ordination of SUBEB M & E System.
    • Coordinating thepreparation of SUBEB performance Report yearly, prior to the start of the Budgeting process.
    • Submitting the State Report to office of the DPRS of Ministry of Education.
    • Disseminating policy briefs from the State performance report to the stakeholders through appropriate channels.
    • Establishing realistic performance benchmarks to guide future policy, strategy and financial targets for the SUBEB.
    • Monitoring the implementation of key strategies and plans (ESP, MTSS etc).
    • Monitoring the results from the implementation of key strategies and plan (ESP, MTSS etc).
    • Prepare annual report and coordinate annual sector review.
    • Build capacity of other departments on M & E.

  7. procurement:

  8. The functions of this unit include;
    • Processing requests for procurements in line with the approved Tender guidelines/existing procurement law.
    • Carrying out all activities leading to the award of contracts in compliance with due process guidelines.
    • Processing the payment of mobilization fees to contractors with respect to awarded contracts.
    • Keeping records and details of procurement and awarded contracts.
    • Acting as clients relations officers to all contractors.

  9. Physical Planning:

  10. The functions of this unit include;
    • Developing construction standards and guidelines.
    • Collecting data on construction and forwarding to PRS.
    • Conceptualization of schools, buildings and facilities, including site visits.
    • Developing work plans for capital projects.
    • Assessing the state of buildings.
    • Designing construction projects-architectural, engineering, and quantity surveying.
    • Developing technical specifications for tendering.
    • Initiating of construction projects after tenders are awarded.
    • Supervising/Monitoring implementation of projects, including visits.
    • Issuing certificates for stage payment and completion of projects.
    • Supporting for the LGEAs to monitor projects.
    • Liaising with NGOs and other stakeholders on construction issues.
    • Providing quality maintenance of property.
    • Supporting the LGEAs in the maintenance of school property.

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