Department of Finance and Account

David Ogbu


David Ogbu

The department comprises of five (5) dedicated units. Each unit functions in a streamline order with other units – working together to meet the goals and objectives of the department, which is keeping accurate records of financial statements, payrolling staff of the organization, drawing yearly budget, handling financial issues of staff and making sure the organization is accountable at all times.

It has the following Units:-

  1. Funds:

  2. The functions of this unit include;
    • Controlling Expenditure.
    • Maintaining Vote Books.
    • Preparing Voucher.
    • Preparing Monthly Expenditure returns to the Board.
    • Keeping of adequate records.

  3. Central Pay:

  4. The functions of this unit include;
    • Reconciling accounts.
    • Keeping records of accounts books.
    • Checking and Passing of payment vouchers.
    • Collecting revenue accruing to the State Government via SUBEB.
    • Preparing revenue returns.
    • Disbursing cash to beneficiaries.
    • Writing and releasing cheques to beneficiaries.
    • Preparing bank Confirmation.
    • Maintaining cashbooks of SUBEB.
    • Preparing bank reconciliation statements.
    • preparing departmental activity report.

  5. UBEC/TET Fund:

  6. The functions of this unit include;
    • Controlling Expenditure/Funds.
    • Maintaining Vote Books.
    • Preparing Voucher.
    • Reconciling accounts.
    • Maintaining Cash book.
    • Preparing Returns (remittance & expenditure) to the Board.
    • Preparation of E-payment schedules.
    • Monitoring of remittance (matching grant & other intervention funds).
    • Preparing of bank reconciliation statements.

  7. Salaries/Variations:

  8. The functions of this unit include;
    • Preparing salary variations.
    • Reconciling salary schedule with Nominal roll.
    • Preparing and maintaining variable bards.
    • Checking and reconciliation of pay 04 with variation schedule.

  9. Final Account Unit:

  10. The functions of this unit include;
    • Maintaining analyses book.
    • Preparing ledgers and Trial Balance.
    • Preparing journals.
    • Preparing Trial Balance.
    • preparing Management Accounts monthly quarterly.
    • Preparing final accounts biannually and annually.
    • Maintaining the SUBEB Asset Register.
    • Preparing monthly returns.

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